It’s no coincidence that Volkswagen stands for the ‘People’s Car’. Quite simply because we build our cars with you in mind. We craft them with great thought, innovation and ingenuity. We fuss over every little detail. We even test them meticulously. And, if a car doesn’t match up our exacting standards (down to the hundredth of a decimal), we start all over again. It’s no wonder then that, across the world, a Volkswagen isn’t just a car; it’s Das Auto.

The Vento is a master class in German engineering. Put together with finesse and precision, the Vento offers the finest driving experience in its class. From the cosy interiors to the expertly refined engine, from a host of tech features to safety features, the Vento offers a drive unlike any. Turn the key and see for yourself what it means to fall in love. With a car.